Symphony of the Divine

At the risk of sounding narcissist, it has been reinforced more and more in my mind that God looks at us with A LOT of delight.

Been thinking through thoughts that popped in my head from an analogy.
When people hear a song of mine and like it, they like the 'finished' song - but for me, from the moment I 'created' the song (as it happens with me) I hear the vocals, harmonies, strings, effects and instrumentation in my head (and/or mind) and I'm excited and happy and all charged up.


Because the song IS a beautiful song in REAL TIME -  MY time...
In ME.

When I finally get to the studio and start to play the instruments and lay down each track FROM WHAT'S IN MY MIND, a person may come in halfway, hear the work-in progress and use that as a criteria for judging the song or try to give advice on what they think the song needs - WITHOUT HEARING WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE IN FULL.


In MY head, the song is finished. And the song IS already beautiful.
Indeed, the reason why I am taking time to work on the song is because it is a beautiful piece already...

I am just bringing it to a dimension where others who are not able to key into my mind can get a feel with their SENSES what WAS already finished IN ME.

So as seen in the bible, it was while Gideon was HIDING, that he was called a 'mighty man of valour' by the angel. He just didn't know, see it or look it yet - but that was who he WAS already before God.

Can you even start to consider what our fullness IS seeing we have Christ in us? We may look sinful and deplorable and weak, but I'm in awe of who I AM as God sees me in HIS eyes as HE moulds me.

Got GOD?


  1. This is a beautiful prespective!
    It is true and many often forget, that GOD already sees us as HIS finished product, even though we're not completed in the artistry yet.
    JESUS bless you.

    1. Very well said. I like the phrase 'though we're not completed in the artistry'. Thanks for the comment!


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