To “create” is a very simple process and this is basically any activity that provides some kind of value. Like really smart AI software that can learn and become smarter the more it interacts, we are also created with the innate ability to learn and create things. This is because we are meant to contribute to an ecosystem and this is why each of us, YOU inclusive, has the naturally ability to create something different from the other - and with little effort, just like the goat creates and contributes his poop….


Some are created to build things, some are created to dance, some are created to make music, some are created to write code, some are created to make food, some are created to write speeches, some are created to read speeches, some are created to teach others, some are created to heal others, some are created to love others.... But the fact is that in the tapestry of Life, everyone is meant to provide a contribution that creates a wonderful cocktail that is our collective existence...and that, I believe, resonates into eternity.

On the other hand, to “pleasure” is simply to embrace feeling good. Very simply. It is what you feel when you have a good meal, when you dance in the rain, when you lock lips with someone you love, when your mother caressed your head with her touch, when you close your eyes with a smile because a project has ended successfully, when your lie in the darkness with your mate, straining for ecstacy, when you sit alone in silence staring at a lake and enjoying nature, when you have a fun night out with your pals - when you do the thing or set of things that make you feel good.

If you do not know the thing or things that give you pleasure, you hardly know yourself. It also means that you have no self awareness and that your identity is tied to what society or circles you find yourself in have projected on to you - and for that reason, the little ache and hole that is on the inside of everyone of us will be much larger in you. The danger is that you become imbalanced because society constantly changes and is not the best compass for living. You must seek to know the things that pleasure you. Then you must define what is right or wrong, wrong because it hurts others or is a deviation from why you were created. And as you live, you must give yourself pleasure because it is the necessary break from work, the incentive to go on - or sometimes, even the end game in the pursuit of an endeavour.

The overlap between creation and pleasure comes when you find out thing things that pleasure you as you CREATE something for others to CONSUME. Some like to fight and teach. So they TEACH self defence and martial arts, for example. This involve the CREATION of a curriculum and a ‘giving-back’ to people who want to learn martial arts. This symbiosis is the underlying framework for earthly life - God-ordained Barter. You love business analysis, so you analyse businesses and show gaps that business owners never saw in income or process. The output from something you love becomes something the business owner can ‘consume’ or use. You love music, so you find yourself writing songs for people who have lovely voices but cannot write, or you love creating art so you put together marvellous paintings to adorn the houses of those who do not have that skill. In these scenarios, the things you LOVE doing make you create tangible or intangible output that people can use and they recognise as VALUE.

Here is the kicker, my friend; there is NO robot that can dance like you.
No robot can smile like you, or touch like you, or write like you, or care for kids like you, or crack jokes like you, or play games like you, or make dresses like you, or knit like you, or tell stories like you, or sing like you. In you is something that only you can do in a way that only you can do. That is your signature. That is your unique trait. That is your brand - and when that skill you already have and that gives you pleasure is sharpened, people will do anything, even pay, to enjoy the unique value that ONLY you can bring to all of creation. Friend, when that day comes, IF you allow that day come, you will never have to work another day in your life.

The unique gift of YOU would have made a way for YOU.

Friend, pursue your PLEASURE....


  1. Hey just read part one and two. Very challenging and provocative. For me, pleasure is something I wrestle with. I wrestle with guilt feelings often, I have gotten better with time but it is still a struggle. I was brought up to believe all I deserved was pain mixed with binges of treats like chocolate etc... So now as an adult, when a birthday comes, when friends offer me gifts, when my partner shows me affection, when I enjoy church,or even when I feel 'peace' I actually have a feat response. I also feel that church, to me, has put an over emphasis on pain and suffering and rejecting pleasure which also fulfills the idea that pleasure is wrong. As I grow and heal more I realise thay God wants me to have peace and enjoyment. I can't work (so your post reached me on that level too) because I have a chronic illness. I feel guilt about this often but the key word God always whispers to me is "rest" and I am always overwhelmed by the way he cares for me, esp when I am so restless and often self neglecting of what he has given/created/provided for me. Sorry for rambling away! Any way, great post. Timely. And thank you. Keep on writing! Chloe

  2. I can totally relate with how pleasure is seen as 'bad' or 'unspiritual'. However, scripture is full of God-ordained feasts, pleasuring and happiness...and no, you're not rambling. Thanks for the encouragement!


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