Fact: In about 5 - 10 years or less, depending on the country you’re in, it is very likely that you will lose your job. If you are a banker, taxi driver, financial advisor, administrator, air hostess, factory worker, security guard, loan/credit officer, chef, bartender, there is a very high chance that an actual robot or bit of technology will take away your job.


It’s pretty simple. From a business standpoint, your salary is COST to a company - and they have to pay your salaries every month. Lower costs, generally, mean higher profits. So, thanks to technology and innovation, you are having more companies with fewer employees and higher revenues and profits. Basically, science is making the return per employee higher - and this is the future. There will be more banks without branches, there will be more restaurants with robots, and there will be no need for a “loan officer” to evaluate if you are eligible or not for a loan. It will be automated.

And very many people will be out of jobs.

It is very likely that you are one of the many people that will lose your job - and whether you pray or fast or ‘wait on the Lord’, if your job falls into certain categories, you will finally get an email from H.R, or get called into a private chat with a sad-faced person who will tell you that your employment has come to an end.

I am assuming that you currently work for a nice, humane organisation.

If you work in many of the types of organisations we have today, the day you are not able to log into your computer is the day you know it’s Game Over.

What’s my point? If a huge amount of the whole world is out of jobs, maybe including you, then what are people going to be doing? Will there be chaos and anarchy, people roaming the streets, looting and destroying things because they have no money? With more profitable organisations churning out products that people cannot afford to buy, will the prices of everything become dirt cheap or will governments be forced to give out money so that jobless people still have disposable income? What will happen? Oh God! Is this the end? Is the Apocalypse actually financial? Oh God! How will we feed?!

*Sips juice*

If I were God and you were thinking that all had come to an end because you were going to be out of a monthly paycheck, it would be at this precise moment that a goat would walk right into your living room, plop itself on your couch, right across the room from where you are seating, and before shock can register regarding how it got into your house, the goat would say (in the voice of an italian mafia boss):

“Dude. Look at you. Look at ME. I don’t work a 9 - 5, and I am not complaining. I just do my thing. I munch some grass, I piss people off. I have sex, I randomly jump around sometimes - and then I contribute to society by leaving my droppings behind to make sure the soil gets nutrition. Oh, I forgot to add; I also breathe  out carbon dioxide for the plants...and you will NOT believe some people actually eat my folks to get protein and nutrition… Now, that part makes me shake my head, bro…!

Okay, enough of stories and analogies. I will just cut to the chase and explain my point based on my current understanding of Life and God in the next paragraphs, that hopefully, will be few and short.

Christians and Jesus followers sing of GOD creating everything for HIS PLEASURE. There is also the belief that man is made in the image of God. I share these beliefs and this had led to some very basic conclusions:
1. I am created to CREATE
2. I am created to pursue PLEASURE
3. There will be overlaps between my acts of CREATION and my PLEASURES.

Continues in part 2


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