The Evasive Gospel of the Kingdom (Part 3: Conclusion)

Ah, the Kingdom of God! 

I have not written for a while as the end of the last year and the beginning of this one has been one crazy maelstrom of one life-bending after another. However, I guess that in the end, it has become clearer, for me especially, that a lot of my purpose is tied to The Kingdom. I appreciate the feedback from those who have said they have been waiting for the concluding part of the article, “The evasive Gospel of The Kingdom”, which I was going to write in time – but it is always good to know that you are making sense in some small way to people.  So, without further ado, I will jump right into this final part of the article, “The Evasive Gospel of The Kingdom”

In really delving into an understanding of The Kingdom and part of our purpose within the context of that Kingdom, I had touched on Lucifer’s purpose for man, which can be summarised into 3 basic points:
1.    Destruction and degradation of this extension of the Kingdom of God called Earth.
2.    The defilement, debasement and degradation of the human race – as well as other creatures linked to the human race.
3.    The destruction of man through separation from God. 

If we start from the third point, we start to really understand part of the reason why Jesus had to die for us. We have clarified that God works, and as a Father, he involves his children, ‘sons of God’, to join him in the pleasurable, rewarding and expansive act known as work. Now the term, ‘sons of God’ is a term loosely given to several beings including angels and man, as seen in scripture. The picture that is generally painted is the Father including his ‘sons’ in his business, much like most of the most successful business concerns on Earth today are founded and sustained from generation to generation by the families of their founders.

As it is in Heaven…

Now, to do the will of the Father and bring his plan to fruition, what is required is a mind that is aligned with God. So we see a Heaven where everything is perfect, and then, an Earth that is ruled by disease and death because of man’s selfishness and his limited knowledge. For God to extend his rule and reign to Earth via ‘Earth-men’, the first thing that HAD to be done was to bring Earth-man back in alignment with God at a spiritual level because God is Spirit. When that has been dealt with, the connection of God’s spirit to man’s spirit would allow for God’s wisdom and perspective to flow into man – and the result would be the expression of His will and perspective in the day-to-day activities of these Earth-men who would be changed into God-men.

Like Jesus.

Immediately, EVERY concern and activity of these God-men would become “spiritual” because what motivates them is not just their desire, which is often selfish and myopic. What begins to drive them is something more. For those who are plugged in, they come to a realisation that there is a Divine Plan that they do not see or fully comprehend, very much like the Divine Kingdom they have now come to belong to but do not fully grasp. However, like all in that Kingdom, though they may not know everything, they have already been wired to add value to that Kingdom by doing several things that come ‘naturally’ or easily for them – just like Lucifer was wired to provide beauty, insight and melody…  

Immediately, everything becomes a “spiritual” mission, whether it is driving a car, raising kids, working as a sales man or IT specialist, setting up a chain of restaurants, working in government or politics – because one has finally come to understand that there is really no divide between ‘working for God’ and your day-to-day work or life.

You start to realise that every act of yours can add value or wage war against The Kingdom. Your kids can be agents of righteousness in that kingdom or become unruly, opposing The Kingdom, maybe because you have made money priority over them, and have not invested the time to train them well. Your work can be a resource for acquiring skills that will come in handy for Kingdom purposes while being an avenue to seek out those The Kingdom is working in so you can align with them. When this is understood, it is no longer strange for a Father to be a Pastor, for a Pastor to be a Politicians, for a General to be an Apostle, for a Missionary to be an Actor, and for individuals in The Kingdom to be involved in tasks that may seem to have NO bearing to what we call “spiritual activity”, because, again, every Kingdom often requires covert operations…

Imagine scientists working hard to understand a virus and nullify it in their quest to preserve lives on a large scale, giving more human beings time needed to get a chance to plug into The Kingdom. The “cover” may be a job in a huge pharmaceutical company, but their actions counter the objective of Lucifer to destroy and degrade the human race. So it is with musicians who fight to remain in the mainstream, diluting vulgar or dark music with options which may not necessarily be “gospel”, but which stir men’s heart towards virtue, hope, love and to question what life is about – and hopefully, to find God.

What is important to highlight is that in the same way, Lucifer could make music and looked good because he was MADE to make music and to LOOK good in fulfilling his initial purpose, each individual who is plugged into The Kingdom will often find his purpose is tied to something he/she already has a natural affinity for, or an inborn ability to perform. It is often working along these lines that the individual also finds a great sense of fulfilment, simply because the individual is doing something he/she was made (and built) to do. This is like Olympic gold medallist, Eric Lidell, depicted in the movie “Chariot of Fire”, who said the famous words, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure…”  

God, through God-men, will restore this Earth. Yes, this very Earth which has often been decimated by men is loved by God; He made it. You also need to be aware that God works through men, having greater freedom when allowed by those who open up to Him, to restore the Earth. That restoration includes the preservation of life, the flora and fauna, the balance of nature and a slowing down of the decay that comes from sin, as expressed through our destructive actions as we pollute the Earth in our quest for ‘advancement’. Beyond the external, He calls out to the soul of men, transforming those who respond to His call into his very own sons, like Jesus. This allows for His heart and abilities to be directly infused into these sons. These sons, in turn, bring into Earth, the culture of heaven in their relationships, in their businesses, in their day-to-day dealings, and they point others to The Way that is Jesus. They do so in EVERY sphere of life, acting under God and aware that their allegiance, on embracing The Kingdom, is to God above all else.

In the end, Heaven and Earth will pass away, but as He intended, God will get from off this Earth many sons. All of a sudden, one realises The Kingdom and its plans are far grander than a worship service or belonging to a denomination. There is a bigger plan. What pleasurable fellowship and work awaits us when Earth, as we know it, passes away, we do not know. What we do know is that for those who embrace Him, there will be access to a Kingdom that knows no end, a Kingdom that has been in existence from the beginning of time, a Kingdom that is currently in operation on Earth as we know it, with subjects who have their allegiance to One King…One God, and a Kingdom of Life that will continue to expand till it fills ALL things.

This is The Kingdom of God, and the good news is that one does not need to die to get into the Kingdom. No. One can enter that Kingdom today, like the condemned thief was told, “TODAY, you will be with ME in Paradise”. Today, you can plug into the very essence of God right here on Earth, begin to feel His pulse, begin to sense His purpose, and in so doing, finally start to understand yourself, the unique reason for your existence and know true peace as you align your totality with The King. That is the good news of The Kingdom.

That is the Gospel.


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