A vision of the future? (Fiction)

Disclaimer: This article contains disturbing references. Reader discretion is advised.

You wake up feeling groggy and glance at the clock. It is 6pm, Saturday evening. You walk wearily towards the bath to have a quick shower before service. It’s a 15minute walk and you are not in the mood to get on the bus, so you decide to have an early start. Sunday is now a curfew and a day of rest, so no one is allowed to go out anymore on a Sunday.

Well, so many other things about the world have changed.

“Warm”, you say, instinctively reaching out your hand to test the temperature of the water. There is really no need, as it has adjusted to your voice command, your body temperature, your preference based on earlier showers and the temperature of the room. The bath is refreshing and you put on your clothes slowly and stand in front of the door – and then, your lips start to move in prayer because you are about to step out. The well-oiled door opens noiselessly and you walk into the hallway, closing the door tentatively behind you. Outside, the wind picks up, almost muffled by the sound of blaring speakers. You cannot make out the words but the drumming feels like a heartbeat and your pulse starts to quicken. You step onto the street.

It’s just 6.15 but it’s already dark outside. You pull your cap over your ears as you hear the moans...again. All over the lawn on both sides of the road is ‘free love’. Men embrace other men passionately in a sexual embrace, women do the same, and there are groups of threes, animals with an elderly couple, an old woman and a boy who looks thirteen. You turn your face from their nakedness, skin covered in goose bumps as a shiver goes through your being. It has become a punishable offence to “insult in word, letter, action or insinuation” the sexual preferences of a fellow ‘citizen’.

“Friend”, a voice behind you calls and you turn to see a dashing young lady. “Would you like to have me?” It is also a crime to “degrade” another citizen with the words “sir” or “madam” as these connote gender differences and inequalities – and these constitute “emotional abuse” under the new global laws. There is no “man” or “woman” anymore, just “friends”, “fellows” or other similar words. There is no sexual difference – only “free love” that extends to any “fellow” or “mixed-fellows”. You turn away quickly and rush on down the road. In the distance, you hear mocking laughter – and then slow down as you approach a police man. Your heart pounds harder because he is a “mixed-fellow” and they have a reputation for being quite volatile.

You see, rather than hear him, sniff the air and turn, his eyes locking on you. His physique like that of a man, but you can tell that he has elements of a monkey and a cat embedded in his genes. His hands are larger than usual and furry, his eyes are cat-like and yet human, his ears, pointed, and when he finally speaks, the voice is strange and raspy. It is now common place to have genetically modified security agents who keep the peace. They are faster, stronger and more brutal than a normal human being and because of their role, have a license to kill – and eat – dissenters. Unlike his military counterpart that has about seven animal parts, the policeman has just three. There has been talks in certain circles about an elite “demon unit” that handle special cases, and who are known to literally vanish – but that is unproven talk. For now you stare into the eyes of a security agent who is known for keeping “the peace”. The continuous state of violence led to a need for this elite circle – and finally, with the consent of the public, mixed-fellows now handle security.
“May I ask where you are off to?” he says casually.
“I…I’m on my way to a friend’s house” you reply, mustering all the confidence you can muster.
“Hmmmph” The sound from him is like a monkey’s cough. Your fingers go moist with fear. “Will you be coming for the worship service tomorrow, friend?”
‘The worship’ is the gathering of all ‘fellows’ who need ‘spiritual expression’ to gather as one for the worship of ‘love’. All world religions are illegal at this point and those who do not come for the ‘universal worship service’ and the worship of “love”, and who practise other ‘unlicensed’ religions become enemies of the state and face a ‘cleansing’ – or basically, are killed and sometimes, eaten by mixed-fellow security agents. That way, there is a “recycling” and “less waste” economically.
“I will not be coming”, you say, almost too eagerly to strange eyes that become slits “I will be taking time off to rest and sort out a few things”. It is not a crime not to come for the worship of ‘Love’, but it is ‘encouraged’. The thought of the after-service sexual orgies make you almost almost gag.

“Ok, you can go now” he says, turning away to reveal a very monkey-like side-view. You say a quick prayer of gratitude to God and continue on your way, feeling his eyes boring into your back as you walk away. Neon light flash ahead and you hardly notice the download cafĂ© or the ‘core citizens’ who sit inside the elegant glass building, smiling in dream-like ecstasy as information is passed via cables into chips inserted in their heads. Everyone is encouraged to become a core citizen and get a head chip or less obvious hand chip which allows for transactions, exchange of media of all sorts and download of skill and information directly into the brain. It also allowed direct communication of government information and could take over the brain to “aid the ease of compliance with updated state laws” – basically, there is a loss of will and control so the government can make you ‘comply with minimal resistance’.

The night is darker and you finally make it to the service building. You are led down a spiral staircase into a room with no cell phones, laptops or electronic media. Basically, these devices have been proven to be easy to track and record data with or without user consents, as written in the small prints. As many have found out the hard way, the devil is often in the details…literally. Candle lights are brought out as you finally unwind in front of brothers and sister who love God above. You sing a worship song and tears stream down your face and the only thought in your mind, and the minds of those around is: Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

This is based on recent world events and technological advances
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