Love is patient

I was in sin – lots of it.
In the midst of my sin, I was so roiled by it, but loving it and hating me and my whole messy life.
I needed help. I needed help fast.
So I turned to my inner strength to try and break habits that had been enshrined in me over time.
I underestimated the power of synaptic bond.
I failed.
I was back in the filth of the things that I loathed… and yet loved - that smelly, comforting, crushing embrace of beautiful death.
Then a light shone in my darkness and my shackles fell off and I was free.
But not completely.

I needed help to find the light, I needed a companion to help stay on course.
I was a sword, a mad blade with serrated edges, lusting and thirsty for blood.
Not evil, but needing to be guided by the genial, genteel and gentle hands of the Master.
She came into my life…again.
I shoved at her, but she was there. I pushed her and she pulled me.
I cursed, she blessed.
I was of God but still soaked in the smelling stench of Babylon…she was sweet like myrrh.
And she loved me.
Love is patient. Love is kind. Love bears ALL things…I had seen it in her eyes.
I saw the welts of my actions, the wounds from my words, the burns of my anger – on pure skin.
Love is patient. She waited.
Like so many, she wasn’t just about words.
Like water wears out a stone, I succumbed in the end, to her, to love…to God.
Love is patient and I am now learning anew how to embrace HIM..God, the embodiment of true love.
That love is real. I have seen its semblance in her.
My wife…


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